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What makes DOS different from other organizations like Church Of Satan or The Satanic Temple

Defenders Of Satan was set up as a activist community for Satanists of all walks of life

Our members come from different backgrounds, creeds, colors and beliefs in Satan.

We do not promote any type of Satanic belief over another and respect the various paths.

Our activism consists of media, information and outreach on the following subjects:

  • Defense of Satan, Satanism and Satanic beliefs against media and organized religious attacks
  • Exposes and essays about the harm, suffering, persecution, lies and oppression caused by organized religion
  • Promotion of freedom of mind, body, personal life choices and sexual orientation
  • Promotion, protection and support for the LGBT and alternative sexual orientation communities and the issues they face.
  • Teaching about the various beliefs, doctrines and opinions of Satanists.
  • Showing people how to live lives without the toxic guilt and fear that organized religion attempts to enforce.
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Why Satanism?

How is Satanism different from other belief systems and why should you follow it?
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